Sampler -NYC Oi! Fest Vol 2

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United Riot Records – URR-45
Limitiert auf 150 Stück im schwarzem Vinyl
A1 Iron City Hooligans– State Of The Union
A2 Iron City Hooligans– In The Dirt
A3 No Quarter – Monster
A4 No Quarter – Not What I call Oi!
A5 Queensbury Rules– Today's Generation
A6 Queensbury Rules– Bristol Elite
B1 Battle Cry– Red, White & Blue
B2 Battle Cry– Oh No, 5-O
B3 Battle Cry– East Side
B4 Offensive Weapon– Yellow Journalist
B5 Offensive Weapon– Legion Of St. George
B6 Close Shave– We Won't Say Sorry
B7 Close Shave– Sing Along A Shave

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